Johnson County Lawn Care
Aerating, Verti-cutting & Seeding
Aerating once every year or two is one of the best things you can do to give your lawn the thick
healthy turf you want. Your soil gets compacted with heavy use or just after long periods of
neglecting your yard. Aerating pulls cores out of the soil, which allows air and nutrients to get
down into the roots and allows the roots to grow and thrive.  Aerating also penetrates thatch,
which is the layer below the grass blades and above the soil. Verti-cutting cuts grooves in the
ground and pulls up some of the thatch. Aerating or verti-cutting are needed to allow seed to
make contact with the soil for proper germination.

The best time to seed is in the fall. We can determine if you need aerating, verti-cutting, or
maybe even both when your lawn is over-seeded in the fall, as well as how much seed needs to
be put down to give you a thick healthy turf.