Our customized six step plan has been
specifically designed for this area.  Your
lawn will stand out in the neighborhood
and have your neighbors asking how
you do it.  Our complete package is
affordable and takes the guesswork out
of your lawn care.
Johnson County Lawn Care
Want the best yard in the neighborhood?
We know Johnson County
grass and how to care for
it...especially in this
not-so-friendly climate.
Landscaping is just one of
the many services provided
by JoCo Lawn.
Step 1:  March - First pre-emergent  A fertilizer with
pre-emergent to prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass and
foxtail and a broadleaf weed application to control weeds like
dandelions, henbit, and chickweed.

Step 2:  May - Second pre-emergent A fertilizer with
pre-emergent to prevent late germinating grassy weeds and a
broadleaf application as needed.

Step 3:  June -  Grub control with fertilizer.

Step 4:  June - Insecticide.  A granular insecticide to control
surface feeding insects.
(Steps 3 & 4 are applied on the same visit)

Step 5: September - A fall granular fertilizer for stronger
healthier turf  and a broadleaf application as needed.

Step 6:  November/December - A granular fertilizer applied
when the grass begins to go dormant to provide nutrients to the
The Six Step Plan: