Johnson County Lawn Care
Weekly Lawn Mowing
The majority of lawns in Johnson County have a blend of  fescue and blue grass. These types
of lawns need to be mowed at the proper mowing height to look well manicured and to thrive in
extreme weather conditions. If cut too short, your turf will get stressed in the hot weather. If
cut too tall, your turf won’t have the manicured look you want. We’ll mow your grass at a height
of  3 inches  to 31/2 inches to get the best results.

There are other principles that we follow to insure the best results. Turf grasses do best if no
more than 1/3 of the blade is cut. Mower blades need to be sharp to insure a clean cut. We
sharpen our blades daily to achieve this. We also use the best commercial mowers to insure no
scalping. We also mow in two directions for an even, well manicured look. We also trim and
edge everything and blow off all the grass clippings, leaving your lawn looking great.